Frequently Asked Questions about EWEV!

1. Where does the money go?

All sponsorship funds and registration fees go to EWEV under the umbrella of World Harvest International, a publicly supported 501(c) 3 organization. Part of the money raised will also allow EWEV to help donate to noticeable non-profit organizations that help women in trouble e. g. rape, domestic violence and homeless to name a few. By doing this, EWEV is also able to give back to the community that it seeks to serve as well.

2. What is your sponsorship goal?

Empowering Women Empowering Voices sponsorship goal for 2011 is between $100,000-500,000 (this will cover all four States that we plan to hold conferences in – Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and Maryland.

3. Can I have product exclusivity with my sponsorship?

Empowering Women; Empowering Voices guarantees total category exclusivity to our sponsor level of $50,000k only. This is strictly on first-come first-serve bases.

4. Who are your media partners?

We work with various Media Sponsors throughout the year using as well as using all forms of social media outlets to get the word out about our conferences, radio, television, print and a host of either media outlets according to our budget. Currently we have secured ETV4You, WebTV4Women, Glory Africa, Faith Builders, Highly Favored Media etc.. to name a few.

5. Where can I find out more information on Empowering Women Empowering Voices?

You may email us directly to request an electronic package from us. Please check the contact section of our website for more information.

6. How can our organization speak at an Empowering Women Empowering Voices Conference?

To be workshop speaker you MUST be a presenting sponsor with a service or product that can help equip or inform women. Premium and Corporate leaders get first opportunity as workshop speakers due to space limitation. However we try to accommodate all sponsors who have made significant impact in their community and are known for giving back to women causes or issues. We do reserve the right to review all submissions for seminars in tandem with our board of directors.

7. How does one become a member of Empowering Women; Empowering Voices?

EWEV is currently reviewing opportunities for Shelter Participation, Volunteer Workers and Local Shelter Speakers-Members (please contact the office for more information).

8. How does one get Empowering Women; Empowering Voices to come to their city?

While Maryland is the home of EWEV, our conference last year made such an impact on some of our speakers that we find ourselves in Florida, New York and Pennsylvania this year! All invitations are carefully looked over as opportunities outside of Maryland are certainly welcome. In order to host an event in your city we must be able to secure sponsorship, community and corporate support as well as the guarantee of a committed team within that state. Please feel free to send email of interest directly to the Executive Director at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and your letter will be reviewed and she will get back to you.

9. What are your long term goals?

Our goals are to partners with organizations and social entities that can help especially the disenfranchised woman to find ways of becoming a healthy and active member of society. We also hope to that these women will also turn around and help build up their communities and create a mentor-mentee program that can help sponsor or guide those who are proven success stories to help another woman find her voice.

10. How do you ensure that your events are successful?

EWEV is a hub for different organizations and skilled individuals to work collectively as one unit to help empower women. Our goal is to find different organizations that are working independently of each other and create a platform that they can share information and help these women become successful. We will continue to partner with companies and organizations that share our vision for empowering women.

11. Why should I sponsor EWEV?

EWEV’s core values are about transforming the broken woman into a total and healthy individual. We are about sustainability and visible changes that will have long term and positive impact in our communities. We are interested in facilitating such through women who might have felt forgotten or need just an extra push in the right direction. We are an organization that believes in stewardship, accountability, integrity, compassion and transparency.

12. How does one become a partner with EWEV?

EWEV is always seeking out partnerships in 3 areas:

  • Core Partnership: This has to do with organizations, non-profit organizations or ministries that are specialized in the areas that concern women issues from health to policies to finances. It is their expertise that is called upon to speak as well as possible sponsor at our conferences to empower such women and give them everyday practical tools to make them success. These partners are what make EWEV relevant.
  • Pillar Partnership: This has to do with purely with the financial part of EWEV, these are organizations that might not have the expertise or the background as Core Partners but their interest in the empowerment of women and the community as a whole is genuine. These are the financial backbone of the organization.
  • Tower Partnership: These are organizations that are a mixture of lending both their voices as well as financial support. These are partners who we can lean on in an advisory capacity as well who have notable influence in the community and works with us to form or introduce us to new partnerships and alliances.

13. I would like to raise funds for EWEV, is there a way that I can help?

EWEV will always need funding, please email our finance department or customer service department and we can discuss in what capacity you might do so.

14. How does one become an international sponsor with EWEV?

You MUST have sponsored an EWEV event at the level of Advocate Leader or higher. You must also send in a letter/ email of interest stating why you are interested and how your organization or company might be able to help women internationally. Since we also are involved in some international women organization we also rely on the feedback of them to inform us of the most basic challenges that women face in the country of choice that we will hold the conference. A board member of EWEV will reach out to you and discuss the different opportunities available.