Conference Ticket Prices $35.00 (early bird) before November 1, 2011
Conference Ticket $45.00 after November 1, 2011
Group ticket of 5 or more people $25.00

For more information about EWEV Conference look @ EWEV web site by clicking on EWEV 2011


This event presented by EWEV - Empowering Women Empowering Voices, is an undertaking of   PURE LOVE for the Women of Today.  The Vision of EWEV is to encourage, equip, engage, and empower women from all walks of life and financial backgrounds to overcome daily challenges and Live their Best Lives.

The messages presented transcend racial and cultural boundaries. We are presenting a platform for change. Change of mentality, change of body, and change of spirit.  There will be great opportunities for networking and building your networth. Opportunities to meet women with similar interests and issues - to understand we are not alone in our struggles. And most importantly, whatever your situation -YOU WILL BE UPLIFTED AND EMPOWERED!

Encourage, Equip, Engage & Empowering Women To Win.....


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