About EWEV

Empowering Women, Empowering Voices (EWEV) falls under the umbrella of World Harvest International (WHI) whose main objective is to provide leadership development, training for individuals, profit and not for profit organizations. EWEV reaches out to the female population of our society who have been battered and economically challenged to teach them the importance of practical and realistic ways of improving their lives thus discovering their voice.


To encourage, equip, engage and empower the battered and financially challenged woman into becoming a productive member of the society; that her voice maybe heard.


The mission of EWEV is to become a hub in which to connect battered and financially challenged women with businesses and community organizations to provide successful living tools by which to grow and stand independently on their own. To promote proper re-entry back into the society; to break the cycle of dysfunction that has occurred in their lives. To endorse sustainability; cultivate a safe environment for them to use their skills as a means to have their voices heard while making a difference. To teach and encourage them to give back through volunteer programs when they have become successful.

Core Values

We are guided and strengthen by these 8 fundamental principles and seek to empower others by them.


An inspired woman is moved by either a personal joy or a tragedy that fuels her purpose. She takes hold of that experience, no matter how challenging and uses it wisely to locate her voice and create a platform of awareness.


A woman with a sense of direction is a woman well on her way towards achieving her destiny. In time she will leave her own set footprints because she has made a difference.


All life experiences are relevant and formal education; skills, workshops and mentoring are ways to enhance a woman in becoming successful. Enlightenment helps in gift discovery and in excelling because of them.


Comprehension is needed to overcome any challenge! Using one’s challenge to combat a necessity; can turn out to become a ground-breaking opportunity. Properly assessing one’s current life’s position in order to change is what understanding is about.


Without behavior modification there can be no true transformation! A life-changing experience is meant to revolutionize one’s mindset into achieving the impossible. To remain the same is unacceptable when change is banging at one’s doorsteps.


With self-acceptance comes self-appreciation and only a determined woman can turn her life around with this single truth. An excuse-free woman is a individual on the road to recovery. It is here that she can become a woman of influence, making a difference in the lives of others.


The totality of woman comes by her being completely fulfilled in the role of her calling. Contentment is possible when a once hurting and deficient woman can confidently stand independently on her own.


The total woman refuses to allow life’s journey to label her as a constant victim but implements her life experiences and practical tools to becoming successful. This woman finds herself as a contributor who has conquered societal stigma and challenges to that of a celebrated woman; she becomes a person of great significance.